Driving energy networks to new levels of sophistication

The Smart Grids Summit brings together Europe’s leading electricity grid distribution specialists, investors and regulators to share insights into the immediate challenges and projects now started.

With the Energy 2020 strategy driving the move towards competitive, sustainable and secure energy throughout Europe, this award-winning smart grid conference provides invaluable insights into the most important smart grid projects, research and developments making Europe a world leader in energy technology and innovation.

The possibility to meet leading experts in the field of smart grids from all over the world – to see what’s the progress in “real” projects and not only on slides and in theory. — Senior Project Manager, Westnetz GmbH

The broad participation and presentations from both academic and industry, research and innovation. The summit was packed with smart grid information. — Consultant, Danish Technological Institute

As a TSO representative, I find it important to follow development in this area and evaluate system consequences. — Senior Advisor, Svenska Kraftnät

Smart Grids Summit Gallery
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